Writing has been in my blood my entire life. My first grade teacher predicted I’d grow up to become a writer after reading what I still consider to be one of my most masterful pieces – a short story about mutant tater tots taking over my school.

There’s something magical about language and the way it can be used as a medium to convey what’s in our hearts and minds. And that’s why I choose to write about the things that matter to me, and the topics I believe are vitally important it we have any hope of building a better world (which I sincerely believe we have).

I write about intersectional feminism, radical self-love, and the ways in which our social and cultural structures need to be changed so that we can all experience more love and justice in our lives.  I write about the significance of pop culture and how it impacts social norms and influences how we live in very real ways. Because I’m a geek and I love comic books, science fiction, and fantasy, a lot of my pop culture writing focuses on those genres. Finally I write about body image, body positivity, and the ways in which the shame we’re often made to feel about our bodies is linked to patriarchal social systems.