Flashpoint Martha Wayne Confirms This is the Darkest Timeline
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Flashpoint Martha Wayne

GOTHAM CITY – Flashpoint Martha Wayne, an alternate version of the well-known Gotham City public figure, held a press conference today during which she issued a statement about our reality as we know it.

“In my timeline, I was the Joker. My son was shot to death, I lost my mind, and I became a murderous criminal, “ she said. “But you know what? I expressed opinions on Twitter constantly and not a single dude threatened physical violence or criticized my appearance,” Wayne continued.

“In my world, my own husband was my arch nemesis. But at least I could turn on the news and not feel like our country was at the mercy of Bizarro Mr. Bean,” she said.

Wayne concluded the conference by asserting that, based on her experience, we are indeed living in the darkest timeline.


DISCLAIMER: This blog is satire.