Reed Richards Not Babysitting, Just Being a Parent
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power pack marvelNEW YORK, NY – Sue Storm-Richards, the superhero and member of the Fantastic Four known as the Invisible Woman, had dinner with her brother Johnny Storm, known as the Human Torch, last night. Her husband, the acclaimed scientist known as Mr. Fantastic, chose to stay home with their two children, Valeria and Franklin.

In an interview with the New York Times, Reed Richards noted that he was not “babysitting.” Instead, he said, “I’m a parent to our kids just as much as Sue. So no, I wasn’t babysitting. I was just being a normal dad.”

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When asked for comment, Storm-Richards said, “We’re both superheroes. We both have busy lives. So we share parenting responsibilities equally.” She went on to add, “Frankly, I find it insulting to fathers to imply that what they do isn’t real parenting.”

Storm added his thoughts, saying, “I actually have babysat those two and let me tell you, taking care of superhero kids who are all jacked up on Go-Gurt and Baby Shark is no easy task.”


DISCLAIMER: This blog is satire.

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