Captain Janeway Not a Lady Boss
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Transmitting a message from the future via technology our current-day brains still find incomprehensible, Kathryn Janeway, once the captain of the Starship Voyager and now a Starfleet admiral, announced today that she does not consider herself a “Lady Boss,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

“I’m just a boss,” she said. “Though I suppose in the 21st century, having a woman in command is still somewhat unexpected.”

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“Listen, I’ve traveled to countless worlds in the Delta Quadrant and the Alpha Quadrant. I’ve negotiated with hundreds of species, helped prevent wars. I’m a leader, plain and simple. Not a Lady Leader,” she continued.

“I get that the term is supposed to be empowering, but honestly, I think it trivializes the issue,” Janeway commented after pouring her fourth cup of dark roast coffee.


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