5 Vikings Hairstyles You Need to Slay the Patriarchy
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lagertha vikings shieldWho doesn’t love the fierce women of the History Channel’s Vikings? While you’re admiring their fighting skills, you can also take inspiration from their hair techniques. These styles are sure to bring out your inner warrior – just in time for a new summer look!

Lagertha – Half-Back Braided Twists

lagertha vikingsYou can’t go into battle wearing just a simple ponytail, right? Lagertha’s braided twists keep your hair out of your face while you’re battling your enemies – and they look sexy, too! This style is super versatile. It’s perfect for fighting a bloody war against the Saxons, or grabbing Sunday brunch!

Torvi – Braided Ponytail

vikings torviThis look is sleek and sophisticated. If you’ve got an important presentation coming up at work, this is the look for you. It sends the message to those guys who love to talk over you in meetings that you don’t tolerate patriarchal bullshit.

Aslaug – Beach Waves

alsaug vikingsThis hot style is easy and low-maintenance. Got a date coming up? Show the person who’s lucky enough to be going out with you that you’re fun and low-key, but you won’t hesitate to violently slay anyone who crosses you.

Helga – Crimped

helga vikingsRemember those crimping irons from the early 90s? Helga is bringing that do back with a vengeance. If you want an awesome throw-back look that says you appreciate vintage style but you won’t take any crap from sneaky dudes obsessed with building boats, this is the look you need!

Lagertha – Messy Side Braid

lagertha messy side braid vikingsLagertha really deserves a second mention because she has so many fantastic styles. This messy side braid is soft and romantic, but also keeps your hair back so you can leap into battle at a moment’s notice. It’s the perfect combination of chic and functional. Also, we love how she rocks her silver locks!



DISCLAIMER: This blog is satire.