Hungry Hero: The Meal Kit for Super Heroes
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avengers shwarmaMeal kit memberships are all the rage these days, and a new one is being rolled out today specifically for superheroes. Hungry Hero aims to make a whole foods diet easy and sustainable for superheroes on the go. Those interested can sign up for one of the company’s multiple meal plans on

As the company’s press release describes:

“Giving your body the nutrients it needs to be its best every day is vitally important to your overall health and wellbeing. And so is avoiding all the ingredients you don’t want, like preservatives, artificial food coloring, trans fats, and refined sugars.

Here at Hungry Hero, we know superheroes don’t always have the time to shop and cook. If you’ve just stopped an alien invasion, the last thing you want to do is wait in line at Safeway.

And because stopping evil robots, foiling mad scientists, and taking down violent crime rings burns a lot of calories, we know you have special dietary needs.

With that in mind, our meal plans send healthy, whole foods meals to your door every single week. No recipes, no measuring ingredients. Just open the package, warm your meal, and enjoy delicious, healthy food every night of the week.

You have important work to do. And as the beneficiaries of your heroics, we certainly don’t want meal prep to get in your way! Sign up today and enjoy our limited-time new member discount.”


DISCLAIMER: This blog is satire.