Psylocke Won’t “Tone Down” Purple Hair
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psylocke marvelLONDON, ENGLAND – Responding to comments made by image consultant Garret Pickerington, Elizabeth Braddock, the X-Man commonly known as Psyclocke, tweeted, “No, @garret_pickerington I won’t ‘tone down’ my hair. Also, who asked you?”

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Last week, Pickerington shared a video on his YouTube channel in which he critiqued the costumes and overall appearances of various famous superheroes. In reference to Psylocke, he said, “We all know fashion colors are fun. But bright hair, piercings, and tattoos should all be done very subtly, if at all. If Psylocke wants to come off as a professional and be taken seriously, she should go back to her natural color.”

Psylocke’s tweets continued, “Pretending I’m someone I’m not to meet some sort of arbitrary ‘professional’ standard is ridiculous. And it’s not ok to judge a woman’s appearance or body, as if you have the right to decide how she should look.”

In total, Psylocke’s tweets have received over 5,000 likes and 1,000 shares.


DISCLAIMER: This blog is satire.