5 Fandom Women Who Don't Need Your Fashion Advice
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wonder woman 1984More and more these days, we have the pleasure of watching amazing, powerful women as they slay villains of all kinds on screen. But if they’re not wearing bikini bottoms and bustiers, then what’s the point, right? Well, consider this the Nerdy Sarah rebuttal to that attitude. Here are five fandom women who don’t need your fashion advice, thank you very much, so you can just take your misogyny and shove it.


she-raAfter the launch of the recent She-Ra reboot, the dudebros complained that the new Adora was younger (read less sexy) than her original incarnation. After all, her title is literally the Princess of Power, and we all know you can’t exhibit power unless you’re wearing a strapless mini dress and gold go-go boots!

The Ghostbusters 

ghostbustersOk, so there are four ghostbusters…which I guess means this blog technically features nine awesome women (but who’s counting?). Anyway, part of the criticism of this movie, of course, focused around the fact that, just like the male cast in the original movies, the female ghostbusters wear basically mechanic’s outfits. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I prefer to fight paranormal beings in my Chanel evening gown, but maybe that’s just me?

Rose Tico

Rose TicoRose’s no-frills fashion choices garnered their fair share of crying from weepy dudebros. But Rose is not here for your criticism. When the Hummer you blew your money on to show how manly you are breaks down on the side of the road, Rose will be able to fix it with one hand tied behind her back. Show a little respect.


okoyeSo yeah, being the leader of the Dora Milaje requires the right outfit — one you can kick ass in. That certainly doesn’t mean you have to wear a girlie dress or have long hair, as Okoye herself deftly points out in the movie.

Wonder Woman 

wonder woman crossed armsDiana herself addresses how ridiculous the expectations around the way a woman dresses are in the film. The movie’s unexpected take on the tired clothes shopping montage is everything. “How can a woman possibly fight in this?” Nuff said. This is truly one of the greatest lines in film history. If the Oscars had a category for most quotable lines, this one would have won hands down.


DISCLAIMER: This blog is satire.