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batgirlGOTHAM CITY – As reported by CNN, while grabbing brunch with Nightwing yesterday, famed superhero Batgirl didn’t downplay his compliments of her achievements.

Nightwing reportedly told her how impressed he is with her skills as a detective, her fighting prowess, and her high level of competence as the de facto leader of the Birds of Prey.

In response, Batgirl did not giggle, avert her eyes, or brush off the praise with an adorably self-deprecating joke.

Instead, Batgirl reportedly replied, “Thanks. I care about what I do and I work hard.”

When asked for comment, Batgirl said, “I mean, being a superhero isn’t easy and there’s no point in pretending like it is, right? I bring my A game to Gotham every single day.”

As of publication, Batgirl was reportedly not apologizing for continuing to use the armrest in her dentist’s waiting room even when a man sat in the chair next to hers.


DISCLAIMER: This blog is satire.


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