Avengers Launch GoFundMe
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avengers endgame posterNEW YORK, NY — After the devastating “snap heard ‘round the galaxy” in which the villain Thanos wiped out half of all conscious life, the Avengers are launching a GoFundMe campaign to help support those who have lost loved ones.

“So many people now have far less income to support their families. Many of them no longer have health insurance, since a lot of people get their insurance through a spouse’s employer,” said Steve Rogers, the superhero widely known as Captain America.

“You would think that, as a country, we’d want to support our most vulnerable and help them receive the basic services they desperately need,” said Natasha Romanoff a.k.a. Black Widow. “Because honestly, a lot of people are still struggling to pay off student loans.”

The Avengers have also sent a formal request for support to the government of Wakanda, a country that prioritizes the fundamental wellbeing of its citizens.


DISCLAIMER: This blog is satire.