NYPD: "When it Comes to Ghostbusting, We Prefer Dudes"
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ghostbustersNEW YORK, NY – In a press conference today, NYPD officer Bruce McNeil said the city’s police force prefers male ghostbusters.

“We’ve worked with both men and women, and when it comes to ghostbusting, we prefer dudes,” McNeil said. “When supernatural beings are on an unstoppable rampage, completely determined to destroy the city, women just aren’t authoritative enough to stop them. But giant, evil forces of destruction like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will drop their plans like that – they’ll literally turn on a dime the second they see a man with a jetpack,” he continued.

“Plus, it’s just distracting for our guys to have women around. Even though they’re wearing those baggy uniforms, we know they’ve got boobs under there,” McNeil added.

When asked to respond to the fact that the city’s female ghostbusters have just as strong a track record in terms of defeating the supernatural as their male counterparts, McNeil replied, “Well, it looks like it on the surface, but were the ghosts they fought really as tough?”

DISCLAIMER: This blog is satire.